Posted on Jun 5, 2021

Topnotch K9 Training


Training by Karen D'Augusta
Manteca, California
May 22 and 29, 2021

Since a year ago last March, many dogs had not trained in a space other than their yard. Lots of grass sniffing, with only a few potty accidents, the dogs explored and enjoyed the new surroundings.

The weather was glorious during the two May Saturdays we gathered in Manteca to practice agility. Four youngsters were introduced to Puppy Agility obstacles. Fourteen dogs practiced on a speed course in the Novice/Advanced Agility class.


There’s something about playful puppies that captures our hearts. But, to watch them navigate unfamiliar obstacles looking to their handler for guidance and security is special.

During the younger class, Karen was accompanied by Gable, her 11-month-old Sheltie, to demonstrate beginning agility skills. Handlers learned how to properly encourage their pups to step over and through the rungs of a ladder, jump through a tire, and practiced the first steps of jumping over poles in a sequence. In addition, they learned how to switch from heel position (left side) to ‘off side’ (right side) used later when the dog must run from both sides of the handler.

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